Made my part for the Trieste Science Fiction Festival this year...Most "Likes" win a flag on the moon..Check out all participants here:

Engage!!! C



Specially when you get the chance to help create a space for people to meet, to be inspired, to fly on crazy wings together and be REAL it all makes sense.

Yesterday evening in Cesena/Italy we celebrated the opening of Sara "Swati" Usberti´s Tattoo- & Piercing Joint "Ritual Mood". Two weeks ago i got the invitation to work on a mural for her still-to-be-born place, and it´s been four days of triping on drawing and music.

If you are in the area check out Sara´s place, specially if you´re looking for the unusual...

Be magical, be wild, be a friend.



Days of Grace´s "LOGOS"

Knowing the band both artistically and personally for many years it was pure joy to work with them on the drawings for LOGOS, specially concerning the topic of sacred geometry their lyrical concept centers on.

This focus gave way to further expeditions into making accessible the unconscious, which more and more becomes the cornerstone for my travels, both graphically and musically.

Thumbnails contain Artwork detail.

The backside is featured on the inside print of the vinyl version and on the backside of the booklet included in the digipack version.

Walk right through.


P.S. The backdrop-photo was taken at DOG´s Releaseparty in Halle/Saale(GER) at Steintor Varieté on Sep 10th 2016.


Here´s a new one.

Homage to Rick Griffin.



With words missing to express what we felt at Dunajam 2016, this is what came to stay on paper. Soul Power. C


New shirts in stock!

Check out the shirts of the 2016 spring tour below. Except for the Girlie "S" they still come in all sizes, see the "SHOP"-section for details!


Just finished the Poster/Merch-design for Northern Germany´s LARRIKINS, based on the title of their album "Am Ende war der Mensch".


1st "Ochsfont"

Check out the new font "La mia mano I". It´s my first try creating an original font, and although i still prefer to do artwork typography the analog way, this is fun...i feel i am gonna dig deeper into that field...If anyone has some advice, you´re very welcome! C


I just finished working on the artwork for LU SILVER`S latest album "The soul comes back to boogie". Yes. Calaveras. Can´t stop...they just keep popping up in my mind...Check it out, C


Check out the frontcover for SICKER MAN´s latest album "The Missing" scheduled for early 2016 to be released via Blank Records/Autopilot. The Collage is based on a linocut made by Tobias Vethake and a photography taken by Thomas Neukum.

This is an album for fans of noise. And harmony. And Kafka.


Matthias from the new Berlin/GER-based booking agency ANTIPOP and me did this one together. Find the logo for the new underground force below...These guys got something coming. Prepare!


Happy to share the coverartwork for Rügen island´s very own singer-songwriter FRIEDEMANN´s second album "Wer hören will muss schweigen", that will be released in the end of january 2016 via Exile on Mainstream Records.

It´s the third time now that i have the joy to work with him, following collaborations on his first album "Uhr vs. Zeit" and COR´s last release "Lieber tot als Sklave".

The original painting was made with sepia ink + white tempera. The brushes work great with colored ink, you can get some dirty stuff out of that. Thanks Ralph Steadman!

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