Matthias from the new Berlin/GER-based booking agency ANTIPOP and me did this one together. Find the logo for the new underground force below...These guys got something coming. Prepare!


Happy to share the coverartwork for Rügen island´s very own singer-songwriter FRIEDEMANN´s second album "Wer hören will muss schweigen", that will be released in the end of january 2016 via Exile on Mainstream Records.

It´s the third time now that i have the joy to work with him, following collaborations on his first album "Uhr vs. Zeit" and COR´s last release "Lieber tot als Sklave".

The original painting was made with sepia ink + white tempera. The brushes work great with colored ink, you can get some dirty stuff out of that. Thanks Ralph Steadman!


Tytus rising!

I did another collage following the VIGILIA work for Veneto/ITA-based heavy force TYTUS, who will release their debut album "Tytus rises" early next year. We were in a MAD MAX mood. Aren´t we always? I guess it´s in the air. Check it out below..LOVE C


New logo for DENKANSTOSS

Check out the new logo for the Halle (GER)-based band DENKANSTOSS. (And check out good ol´ "Parsifal" too!)

See thumbnails for early layout.



Coverartwork for VIGILIA´s "Elixier" to be released in 2015.


Last week i was invited to paint the walls of the "Campeggio Rubicone" in San Mauro Mare, Italy. Below you see a view of that, and also patchwork of the whole thing.
Check it out, Soul Power, all ways...C


Poster for Stoner-Rock icons OJM on tour with their labelmates, the great ALICE TAMBOURINE LOVER (feat. members of ALIX). The collage is based on a photograph i found online, but which had no further information about the photographer. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


Frontcover for KAHLER´s 2015 release "Some songs" based on the idea of the lyra, a folklore instrument, through vibration becoming a metaphysical body opening the eye of the soul. This refers to songs being conceived, most times, as simple truths. A traditional connection between the people.



Main motive of the artwork for MAXIMUM CIRCUS FESTIVAL Berlin 2015. The festival is held by the infamous italian psych-rock label Go Down Records who gave me not only the chance to share the stage with great bands like Gnod and Alice Tambourine Lover but also to provide for the artwork. Grazie mille.

The artwork comes with heartfelt greetings to Rick Griffin and Stanley Kubrick. For two more variations of the artwork check out the Illustrations-section. Rock ´n Psych . C


No 1, San Mauro Pascoli

New work on walls of freedom, volume two.

Thanks to the Cantiere Artistico in the city of San Mauro Pascoli, ITA, especially Andrea and Babben for offering the wall and for preparation. I hope for more to come, and i am happy to have another reason to say again: I do believe in the power of an inspired community. Greetings to all free spirits, workers, friends, dissidents, cast aways.

You can find a short making-of clip here:

Thumbnails attached.

Love and peace. C


Charlie Hebdo. Drawing by Lucille Clerk.


Charlie Hebdo

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