Albumartwork for Kahler´s Vinyl-release of their 3rd album "Do it", released in fall 2017.

Them being friends of mine since many years, i have been on many concerts they did and always found their shows being full of joy and purity...which, in the process of making the first sketches, almost immediately linked my thoughts to the work of Rick Griffin. So i decided to quote his "Heart and Torch" design for the frontcover, both because this image is constantly on my mind (as an archaic entity, most likely) and the fit for Kahler´s above mentioned attitude.

Do it (not just), but consciously! An act of love, if you will...



I have just finished the prints for COR´s upcoming october tour...Rough and neat but never sweet. Copies are all signed, numbered and limited to 60 copies.

You can get some at the shop here, or go to see COR play live, let them kick your soul and get your copy there...




The brandnew Noise/Drone armada SLUTTY CLOWNS consist of two of my favourite experimental musicians and good friends KIKI BOHEMIA and SICKER MAN from Berlin-City (GER). I am excited to have become part of their starting moves through drawing this logo for them, and i am looking forward a lot to what will be coming from their parts...

Keep your eyes and ears open for this, something is moving...angry and loving...C

Check out more from the SLUTTY CLOWNS here:

Red ink on paper/digital transition, 2017



Frontcoverart for "The Lorimer Burst", LOREM IPSARDI´s debut album. "TLB" is released only on cassette for a limited amount of copies only.

Black ink & coloring, 2017


COR´s "Leitkultur"

Posterartwork for Rügen(GER) Punk/Harcore-band COR´s 2017 album "Leitkultur" (Rügencore Records).

The drawing is based on Friedemann Hinz´s lyrical concept, that puts the search and the fight for peace at the centre of our culture. Especially in these days, when neo-conservative polemics conjuring up a "Leitkultur" in the sense of backward patriotism are poisoning people´s minds, this is a simple but strong statement. Peace among people is what has to be our main goal. Peace is the only "Leitkultur". It is the one culture we need to live.

COR´s music always has a positive approach, still it is loud and aggressive - as it is rooted in punkrock and metal - which is why i wanted to keep the whole artwork rough both in execution and coloring, and the image of the shaman not clean and enlightened but bruised and battered. Yet there he stands, dreaming, meditating, fighting for what he believes in. As do COR on this album.

The words are a quotation from the song "Leitkultur".



Drawing with Layla...

... at Premilcuore (ITA)


Limited 3-color edition of the "Lemmy Geronimo" fresh outta the workshop. It comes in gold, silver and a fingertip of whiteee. Check it out, strictly limited to 13 copies.



Some impressions from the exhibition at the Into the Wood - Festival 2017. I showed some of the last screenprints, some road drawings and some of the ink paintings i did early this year.

The happening took place at the top of mount Cippo in Marche, Italy, imagine a place for conjuring spirits, making friends and charging your spirit. All the best to the crew around Simone Antonelli, this festival is destined to grow!


And here we go again for the Tricky Lobsters´ "Worlds colide" vinyls, just arrived!


Just arrived: The new album "Worlds collide" by Rostock(GER)´s TRICKY LOBSTERS. Artwork by ConnO))).
Now waiting for: VINYLS!


Gold & white screenprint on 300 gr paper
Limited to 28 copies

Honoring THE rock n roll icon. Wild and modest. Time to put on "Overkill"...
The prints are avaiable in the SHOP section, and (as long as there are copies) also during the next shows. Stay wild! CO


Check out the artwork for WENZEL´s vinyl release of his last album "Wenn wir warten". We met already more than 20 years ago when i was making some bucks selling his merch after school...its great to join again through working together in our varying spiritual travels on the paths we have chosen since then...CO

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