I am happy to show you the new Coverart for @FRIEDEMANN´s 2019 Live-Album "Mehr Sein Als Schein" that will released on Exile on Mainstream Records in October.

The motive refers to the album title, which works as a word-play on the basis of the german expression "Mehr Schein als Sein", meaning "making an impression to be more than you actually are" - posing. FRIEDEMANN inverted that saying, demanding an act of liberation to "BE instead of APPEAR TO BE".
The mask has to come off, and is put on a nail in the wall - also this being a german expression, meaning "to quit something", to leave something behind.

It´s my fifth design for the man, and it´s always a challange and truly inspiring to work with him. I find much of what i am looking for also in his lyrics - raw, simple expression, with a connection to the soul as straight as possible.

CO / Aug19



I am honored to see the design i´ve done several months ago for Robert´s TEILCHENSTURM now also on his skin... a big surpsise, and a moving one...CO


Los Pampos Festival 2019

Check out both versions of the Posterdesign for LOS PAMPOS FESTIVAL 2019, happening in Zschorna, Germany. The design will be available as a limited edition 3-color screenprint during the festival, and after that also in the shop section. Pampa(os) calls!


Illustration for Jessica Andreucci´s article "Klage & Rage" featured in the brandnew issue of "Drunter & Drüber" magazine. This is a great and important project, and i am honoured to have become part of it.


Live drawing at VOLT´s show at UT Connewitz, Leipzig (GER) in April 2019.

Black ink on paper. (29,7cm x 42cm)


Here´s a little drawing i did during BELLROPE´s show on April 6th at UT Connewitz, Leipzig (GER). Check it out below, and check their albums, too!



Design for the 2019 Edition of MAXIMUM FESTIVAL in Zerobranco, Italy. The festival is curated by italian psych/stoner label GO DOWN RECORDS.


G-O-D calendar 2019

Just finished this digital collage/drawing for the 2019 calendar that will be published through Go Down Records, Italy.

Sound + Vision = Mad-Demon-Motorcycle-Fiend spitting flashes with a buzz on. Makes sense?


Logo for "Teilchensturm"

Logodesign for german illustrator Robert Lefold´s company "Teilchensturm". In this logo i wanted to illustrate the matter of various techniques fusing together into one final piece. Single parts becoming one, definite, illustration. I feel in the conclusion of an illustration, PIECE (=Teilchen) of art, whatever you may call it, there lies the objective to open up space for imagination and inspiration, same as to the beholder and to the artists themselves. To evolve, to learn, to see...therefore, stands the eye, that grows from the coming together of things - and that breaks the circle.


Illustration for an article by Jessica Andreucci for DRUNTER UND DRÜBER magazine about YUKIO MISHIMA, the japanese intellectual, writer, director and poet.

DRUNTER UND DRÜBER is a magazine collecting and publishing articles and illustrations about our perception of death in culture and everyday life. Find out more about it here: www.dud-magazin.de

This is a visionary and important project and i am happy to have become part of it, as well as having had the chance to work with Jessica Andreucci and illustrate her great article in the November 2018 issue.


YUKIO MISHIMA, 2018 (Sepia ink on paper)


SICKER MAN Vinyls arrived

The blueblueblue SICKER MAN Vinyls arrived, see them below! The album is great, don´t miss to check it out folks... C


Posterdesign for the show at UT Connewitz, Leipzig/GER on November 22nd, 2018. The artwork will also be available as a 2-color screenprint by the time of the show, check out the shop section for orders...

- limited red & black print on white 300 gram paper

- 42cm x 59,4 cm

- signed and numbered

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