Just finished the coverdesign for DOME LA MUERTE´s new single. I am honored to work for this icon of Punk and Rock ´n´Roll, a true artist and a true hero.



Today i got a message from FRIEDEMANN showing me the tattoo of the artwork for "In der Gegenwart der Vergangenheit" that he just got. Great work done by SUSANN. It is always a real honor to have a piece of expression ending up on someones body.


"DOOM FOLK" Artwork featured in last edition of "Monochromes-Best of 2019".

Thanks to all the folks at Heavy Music Artwork who are exclusively featuring the artwork for "Doom Folk" as part of their last issue of "Monochromes". I am proud to be amongst such great artists, and want to sincerely thank the publiushers for putting together this collection, sharing the art around, behind and within the music.
Personally, i have always seen the artwork as a crucial part of a release. A symbiosis between aural, visual and intellectual sensation.

You can find and purchase "Monochromes" right here:

As always in these troubled days, stay safe and sane and show solidarity. We will meet soon. CO

This is what the publishers would like to add:

We give a 15% discount to all the artists´ followers, just use the promo code in the graphics ALL15METAL, available for all of our books.
Thanks for the support, especially in this difficult period for all independent publishers, keep us going by buying a book.

Lastly, Monochromes is dedicated to the late Stephen Kasner, artist and visionary.

A4 Hardback (210mmx297mm)
Collected in one deluxe volume
Printed on high gloss 150gm paper
152 Pages
300 Limited edition
Hand-numbered and embossed



UK TOUR 2020

Check out the original posterdesign for DARSOMBRA & CONNY OCHS´ tour in the UK in 2020.



Last prints from the tour are on sale now in the SHOP section...



Fresh paint in theshop.

Forever number one. Working his magic.
-50cm x 70cm
-3 versions: Black/Dark Purple/Peach, Black/Red/Peach/White, Black/Red/Bright peach
-Printed on 300 gram white, structured paper
-Labeled, signed and numbered
-Limited edition of 23 copies

(For orders of all three versions check out the "Shop" section)



Original design for the "30 years" edition of the PSYCH OUT! Festival this year in Turin, Italy. Greetings to Giampo and compliments to him for doing this thing since 30 years!


LOS PAMPOS limited prints

Limited edition posters for the rad LOS PAMPOS FESTIVAL 2019 masterfully printed by Axel Matz and Michael Berthold. Thank you Guys <3

Last copies are available now in the shop section.


I am happy to show you the new Coverart for @FRIEDEMANN´s 2019 Live-Album "Mehr Sein Als Schein" that will released on Exile on Mainstream Records in October.

The motive refers to the album title, which works as a word-play on the basis of the german expression "Mehr Schein als Sein", meaning "making an impression to be more than you actually are" - posing. FRIEDEMANN inverted that saying, demanding an act of liberation to "BE instead of APPEAR TO BE".
The mask has to come off, and is put on a nail in the wall - also this being a german expression, meaning "to quit something", to leave something behind.

It´s my fifth design for the man, and it´s always a challange and truly inspiring to work with him. I find much of what i am looking for also in his lyrics - raw, simple expression, with a connection to the soul as straight as possible.

CO / Aug19



I am honored to see the design i´ve done several months ago for Robert´s TEILCHENSTURM now also on his skin... a big surpsise, and a moving one...CO


Los Pampos Festival 2019

Check out both versions of the Posterdesign for LOS PAMPOS FESTIVAL 2019, happening in Zschorna, Germany. The design will be available as a limited edition 3-color screenprint during the festival, and after that also in the shop section. Pampa(os) calls!


Illustration for Jessica Andreucci´s article "Klage & Rage" featured in the brandnew issue of "Drunter & Drüber" magazine. This is a great and important project, and i am honoured to have become part of it.

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