Just arrived: The new album "Worlds collide" by Rostock(GER)´s TRICKY LOBSTERS. Artwork by ConnO))).
Now waiting for: VINYLS!


Gold & white screenprint on 300 gr paper
Limited to 28 copies

Honoring THE rock n roll icon. Wild and modest. Time to put on "Overkill"...
The prints are avaiable in the SHOP section, and (as long as there are copies) also during the next shows. Stay wild! CO


Check out the artwork for WENZEL´s vinyl release of his last album "Wenn wir warten". We met already more than 20 years ago when i was making some bucks selling his merch after school...its great to join again through working together in our varying spiritual travels on the paths we have chosen since then...CO



Continuing the series of ink drawings...

More scans will be posted here in the coming weeks, and will be on sale in the shop section after the Turin exhibition.

Sway. CO


All frames are hanged, and the exhibition in Turin´s BLAH BLAH is open now for a month for you to visit.

Check out some snapshots from the HANGING! CO



Drawing for my friend Schibo from the Olten(CH)-based group NO MUTE.

The drawing combines various mystic and spiritual motives that just will not stop poping up day in day out...Good company i figure.


Nr III! We keep close to good traditions and bring forth the 3rd cooperation for FRIEDEMANN´s 2017 livealbum "Unterwegs". Definetely i am in the screenprinting mood since the first experiments on the farm. The motive will be printed on inside-out carton... For the lovers of rough edges...



Check out the artwork for Halle(GER) based rock ´n roll/punkband REUZE below...Old school analogue jeans-painting, as you know it... . I particulartly enjoyed working on this, as the big part of it and the basic idea comes from working with material, and having been part of sweaty nights in the club that makes you brake your clothing in pure joy.



Setting up the "ORAKEL..." (the opening will be on sunday before the show at Coq d´OR, Olten/CH)


#orakelrohbau #ochsworks #conjuresomemagick


Making the final prints for the exhibit...GOOD HOUSE ! ! !
Setting up "Orakel Rohbau" tomorrow, more info is on the way...

Conjure some magick, C

#orakelrohbau #ochsworksillustrations #conjuresomemagick


>>> Exhibition "ORAKEL ROHBAU - Illustrations & evocations" <<<

...Coming up in Switzerland on Nov 2nd!!!

With the shows in Switzerland coming up i am happy and excccccited to start also my first exhibition of some of my works on paper.

Big thanks to Mathias Schibo Schibler of No Mute and the Coq d´Or in Olten(CH) for having me there.

Here is some information from the pressrelease for the dear readers!


“ORAKEL ROHBAU – Illustrations and Evocations by C. Ochs”

Exhibition November 2016

Alchemical rebus, demons and angels scattering breadcrumbs along the pathway and Abraxas-magic – Conny Ochs´ first exhibition of his illustrations „ORAKEL ROHBAU“ shows original drawings, screen-prints and collages of the musician and songwriter.

Ochs documents and illustrates his search for magic, truth, unknown territory and not least himself. Tours and various travels have brought him from Bologna through Seattle and to Tokyo. His illustrations are archaic, naive and always full of desire and longing.

In the tradition of psychedelic artists such as Rick Griffin and inspired by archaic symbolism sets of ritualistic formulas can be found the same as quotes from pop-culture. The images, often appearing to be evocations, are played out by brushes, pens, gold imprints and coal.

Since 2014 Halle/GER-born Ochs works with various artists, bands and theatre-projects on murals, vinyl- and CD-artworks and poster-designs. A selection of works can be seen on www.ochsworks.com.

“ORAKEL ROHBAU – Illustrations and Evocations by C. Ochs” will be shown at Coq d´Or, Olten/ Switzerland from November 2nd until November 28th.




Check out below the main motive & posterdesign for the 1st edition of the NORTH OF MAINSTREAM Festival in 2016. The NOM is the follow-up to the Exile on Mainstream Records´ beloved SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM festival series. Great people, great place, great bands. And all comes right from the heart. From a stream of counsciousness...and RAWK!!!

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