SICKER MAN, "Off the trail" (Albumartwork), 2018

Albumartwork for SICKER MAN´s 2018 album "Off the trail". On the album you find a selection of beautiful, haunting pieces written over the last 5 years by Tobias Vethake. The artwork concept is based on the idea of the artist writing "off the trail", regarding his usual way of composing - as this time Vethake´s pieces are focused basically on the cello.

In the image, the wanderer gets lost. Hanging in between spaces, unfixed, forlorn, but also, unbound. What seems to carry him - or maybe tying him up - is the reflection of his cello´s strings.
I understand music, for the most part, as a possesion - same as it is a passion - that has the power both to free and to haunt the player or composer and his audience. Now, where this trip goes is up to the listener and the observer. As we are lingering, together, in the open, off the trail.
The collage and drawing is based on a photography by Oli Grimm.