FRIEDEMANN "LIVE II" (Coverartwork), 2019

I am happy to show you the new Coverart for @FRIEDEMANN´s 2019 Live-Album "Mehr Sein Als Schein" that will released on Exile on Mainstream Records in October.

The motive refers to the album title, which works as a word-play on the basis of the german expression "Mehr Schein als Sein", meaning "making an impression to be more than you actually are" - posing. FRIEDEMANN inverted that saying, demanding an act of liberation to "BE instead of APPEAR TO BE".
The mask has to come off, and is put on a nail in the wall - also this being a german expression, meaning "to quit something", to leave something behind.

It´s my fifth design for the man, and it´s always a challange and truly inspiring to work with him. I find much of what i am looking for also in his lyrics - raw, simple expression, with a connection to the soul as straight as possible.

CO / Aug19