COR, "Leitkultur", 2017

Posterartwork for Rügen(GER) Punk/Harcore-band COR´s 2017 album "Leitkultur" (Rügencore Records).

The drawing is based on Friedemann Hinz´s lyrical concept, that puts the search and the fight for peace at the centre of our culture. Especially in these days, when neo-conservative polemics conjuring up a "Leitkultur" in the sense of backward patriotism are poisoning people´s minds, this is a simple but strong statement. Peace among people is what has to be our main goal. Peace is the only "Leitkultur". It is the one culture we need to live.

COR´s music always has a positive approach, still it is loud and aggressive - as it is rooted in punkrock and metal - which is why i wanted to keep the whole artwork rough both in execution and coloring, and the image of the shaman not clean and enlightened but bruised and battered. Yet there he stands, dreaming, meditating, fighting for what he believes in. As do COR on this album.

The words are a quotation from the song "Leitkultur".